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Being in the wrong place at the wrong time can end your life - or worse, postpone it indefinitely.


In Aspen Grove, Oklahoma, fifteen-year-old Katy had everything going for her, until an innocent decision to walk home from school set the karmic wheels in motion. Katy suffered a brutal attack, leaving her comatose. The legal system failed to convict the men responsible for this heinous crime - instead found them not guilty. They’ve gotten away with it, or so it seems.


Darnell and Jerome, then boys, now men, continue on with their lives; Bruce Hanson, the attorney tasked with convicting the two attackers, brushes off his loss and continues his climb up the legal ladder; Officer Webster, the policeman who responded to the call for help, the man who destroyed evidence, forgets all about his part in the crime and moves forward in his lazy life. All of this while Katy lies in a hospital bed, still comatose, her life postponed, her loved ones outside of that room hoping and waiting.


Several years go by, bringing us to now. Something, or someone, has found a way to bring these individuals to justice; karma in its rarest form is being unleashed on the individuals responsible for Katy's situation.

Are they accidents? Could it be coincidence? Perhaps long-awaited payback disguised as the perfect murder? Revenge is a dish best served cold... and karma is a well-thrown boomerang.


A virus with the ability to program one person to kill another has gone missing.


Andrea "Andy" Parker, struck and left for dead by a hit and run driver on her way to the church - on her wedding day - is slowly recovering, but at what cost? Plagued by nightmares and secrets she can't share, is Andy going crazy or is it all in her head?


Katy Oliver remains in a comatose state to this day. It's been years; is there any possible way she can return to the land of the living, or will her loved ones have to call it quits?


Tom Oliver, Katy's brother and Andy's fiance, is stretched to the breaking point. Holding it together is harder every day. Will things start to go right for him, or is a mental breakdown in his near future?


Seemingly random members of the community try to come to grips with haunting secrets and frightening memory losses of their own. Could there be a connection?


Karma returns to Aspen Grove, and brings its own brand of justice in Ripples of the Boomerang, the much anticipated sequel to The Boomerang Effect.

Welcome, come in. Make yourself comfortable.


I invite you to take a journey through these pages as they temporarily draw back the gauze veil that separates us from what crawls around in the dark of night, as well as that which brushes your sleeve as it passes by, unnoticed, on a crowded sidewalk in broad daylight.


Glimpse quickly, lest any one of the myriad of evils takes notice. Such happenstance could lead to, let’s say, unpleasantness? The tales within represent the tiniest fraction of the evils present all around us. Before you go further, a warning: what once is known cannot be unknown.


It’s time. Come quickly, if you dare. Turn the page. Allow me to call your attention to what lies between the devil and the darkness.


Seven authors, seven visions, seven short stories make up Murder, Mayhem, Monsters, and Mistletletoe. Rae Ford, Rodney Hall, C.R. Garmen, Michelle Rabe, Lindy Spencer, Jamie Sheffield, and Brenda Tetreault share their stories in this winter-themed anthology.


Cold Burn - From The Luminosi Brotherhood Series - by Rae Ford. A surprise from Chicago Detective Tyson Roberts' distant past distracts him from his preparation for the team's expedition to Antarctica. The question is, is this distraction a blessing or a curse?


Mr. John – by Rodney Hall. DetectiveJohn Peterson stared through the blinding snow. He had to ask himself if what he saw was real, or if he was losing his mind.


A Perfect Christmas – by C.R. Garmen. A short and sweet reminder of the virtue of giving during the holidays.


Another First for Christmas – by Michelle Rabe. New vampire Eric Kincade faces his first holiday season with fangs.


Above the Bridge – by Lindy Spencer. There's a huge difference between life above the bridge and below it...except for Karma. From her, there's no escape.


Now is the Winter – by Jamie Sheffield. Richie Gloucester is a spoiled man-child on a trip away from the cold of a Manhattan winter to the tropics, with murder in his heart. His plans, and life, take a bizarre turn when he meets an unlikely heroine who helps him take control of his life ... literally.


Merry Christmas, Baby – by Brenda Tetreault. Christmas is a time of love and magic. But sometimes love needs a helping hand.



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This collection of zombie stories features some of the top zombie authors in the genre; T.W. Piperbrook, A.J. Brown, Chris Philbrook, Glynn James, HJ Harry, Kevin Fitzgerald, Jack Wallen, Ben Reeder, Michael Robertson, and Eric A Shelman are among the Horde's collection... but there are more...


The Gathering Horde is a wild ride through the apocalypse. Within these pages, you will find that there is no theme, no rules, and no connection from tale to tale. It is truly all things zombie. A girl hiding in a crawlspace... a dystopic world where zombies are part of the entertainment... a mother slowly turning near her child... a rescue... evil... humanity... and, of course, ZOMBIES!!! You'll own tales from the outbreak, the onset, the fall, the fight, and the world that came after.


33 short stories designed to be read independently at your leisure. Each tale is only 4-8 pages long, making it perfect for the commute or coffee break. You won't find another collection like this one. Read the Gathering Horde... and join us... we are gathering now...

***This volume is currently only available in the Lindy Spencer Store.

“Submitted for Your Approval,” is the first short-story anthology from Rod Serling Books - a collection of works written in the Serling genre or, in the consensus of the editorial board, a story that Rod, himself, would have considered worthy of being included.


As one of the world’s foremost storytellers, Serling was primarily concerned with the well-being of humanity and the creation of commentative works of social and moral relevance. It is with this spirit that our eleven authors submitted their works, which vary in length from short-story to novella. As with Serling’s body of work, not all are tales of fantasy. They are, however, very Serling-like in terms of being thought provoking, concerned with the human condition, and fine examples of the art of storytelling.


*This anthology contains "The Organist," a short story also found in the above anthology, "Between the Devil and the Darkness."