Murder, Mayhem, Monsters, and Mistletoe - an anthology

Seven authors, seven visions, seven short stories make up Murder, Mayhem, Monsters, and Mistletletoe. Rae Ford, Rodney Hall, C.R. Garmen, Michelle Rabe, Lindy Spencer, Jamie Sheffield, and Brenda Tetreault share their stories in this winter-themed anthology.

Cold Burn - From The Luminosi Brotherhood Series - by Rae Ford. A surprise from Chicago Detective Tyson Roberts' distant past distracts him from his preparation for the team's expedition to Antarctica. The question is, is this distraction a blessing or a curse?

Mr. John – by Rodney Hall. Detective John Peterson stared through the blinding snow. He had to ask himself if what he saw was real, or if he was losing his mind.

A Perfect Christmas – by C.R. Garmen. A short and sweet reminder of the virtue of giving during the holidays.

Another First for Christmas – by Michelle Rabe. New vampire Eric Kincade faces his first holiday season with fangs.

Above the Bridge – by Lindy Spencer. There's a huge difference between life above the bridge and below it...except for Karma. From her, there's no escape.

Now is the Winter – by Jamie Sheffield. Richie Gloucester is a spoiled man-child on a trip away from the cold of a Manhattan winter to the tropics, with murder in his heart. His plans, and life, take a bizarre turn when he meets an unlikely heroine who helps him take control of his life ... literally.

Merry Christmas, Baby – by Brenda Tetreault. Christmas is a time of love and magic. But sometimes love needs a helping hand.