Chapter Books for Younger Readers

by MaeMae Spencer:


Spinne the Spider Encounters Bullying

It's tough being small, and even tougher for a spider who was born with only six legs. Spinne has worked to learn that being different is a good thing. 
Until now, Spinne the Spider has lived a life full of adventures. This encounter is anything but fun. Spinne has heard her mom talk about bullies, but before today she had not encountered one in person. 
What is the proper way to handle a bully? Should she ignore the situation and walk away, or is there something else she should do? Dealing with a bully is not fun, but sometimes you don't have a choice.




Spinne the Spider's Zoo Adventure


Spinne, our friendly six-legged spider, is back. This time, she and her friend, Joe, are on a field trip to the zoo. 

What happens when you forget the rules and get separated from your mom and your best friend? How do you stay safe and find your way back? Spinne finds herself in this very situation. Will quick thinking and fast feet be enough to save her? 

Find out in Spinne the Spider's Zoo Adventure.





Spinne the Spider's Indoor Adventure


Spinne the Spider returns in a brand new adventure - this time in her own backyard.  
What happens when there's a mouse in the house, and he hasn't asked permission to be there? How do rule-followers handle this the right way? Find out when Spinne and her best friend, Joe, meet Oscar and find themselves in a tough situation in Spinne the Spider's Indoor Adventure.





Spinne the Spider's Big City Adventure


Born with only six legs, Spinne is a unique spider. Through hard work she's living life the same as any other spider, without letting her disability disable her. With the love and support of her family, she knows she can accomplish great things.


Lately she has been dreaming of an adventure all her own. One day when she's older, her mom says, she will have plenty of adventures. Knowing this doesn't keep her from dreaming.


After accidentally falling asleep on a car, Spinne finds herself zooming from the country to the big city. Looks like that big adventure is going to happen sooner than she realized. Is she ready?


Find out in Spinne the Spider's Big City Adventure!





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